Hi, my name is Ashley. I’m a twenty-something biromantic asexual Canadian who uses she/her pronouns. I started this blog because I wanted something creative to do and because I wanted to expand the diversity of the books I read. I adore tea and books, as well as traveling. I enjoy cooking and baking vegan, and sometimes just start baking out of boredom.

I enjoy reading mostly young adult with a focus on science-fiction and fantasy, as well as the retelling of old stories in a new way. I also enjoy adult science-fiction and fantasy. Science-fiction and fantasy were my bread and butter growing up; they helped shape me into the person I am today. I’m trying to expand my world view, which to me means reading more diverse books and #ownvoices books. I realise that my views were very white feminist in the past, so I’m making the effort to become more intersectional. I’m interested in LGBT history as well as the development of women’s rights.

Empowered women are my passion. Whether that’s by reading a book that has women in charge of their actions and their destiny or supporting companies and charities which help improve and protect women and other marginalised people it’s totally my jam.

The books I’ll be reviewing will be a mix of major publishers, indie and self-published, diverse, and comics. I won’t be using a numeric rating system as book quality is very subjective. Any sponsored content I produce will be indicated as such, as I aim to have as much transparency as possible.

I will give a balanced look at the good and bad points of a book in my reviews. I will include trigger warnings in my reviews, and if I miss any, please tell me, as well as any comments about things I may have overlooked in my reading. I’m a white girl, and I acknowledge my privilege and strive to do better. Feel free to contact me if you have any recommendations for books to review or if you know of any books I shouldn’t review due to problematic content. I don’t want to support authors who aren’t willing to learn and do better.